Sunday 21 November 2021

First time dad’s pregnancy guide Aaron Edkins and Megan Parkes

when I was pregnant with our baby, Ava,there was very little to read about a dad's journey. My partner, Jacques, and I had a book about a mother's journey and the growth of our baby, usually related to fruit rather than other sweet treats such as lolipops or cup cakes. We would look at it every week and imagine our baby growing from blueberry to cherry. A fsther's experience, however, seemed to be missing. while my emotions were recognised and even normalised, my partner wasn't written about in an inclusive manner. Our baby was born during theCovid lockdown and Jacques didn't get to see her until we came home. while there was nothing we could do about this, I do wish we had been able to read First time dad's pregnancy guide, exploring the pregnancy journey from a father's perspective, month by month. While the authors do share that every pregnancy is different, and that no family has the same needs, they do help dads to embark on the pregnancy journey, and even shares a dad's perspective, guiding partners to embrace the pregnancy journey, prepare for delivery, and assist after the birth. I loved the storytelling within this book, as well as the down to earth style of writing. We could laugh in hindsight and really wish we had found this wonderful book sooner. Five star rating for sure.


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